2022 tickets for the Ixtapaluca fair. Here we will tell you the price

2022 tickets for the Ixtapaluca truthful. Here we will tell you the price


One in every of the searches performed by Mexicans is 2022 tickets for the Ixtapaluca truthful.

And the indisputable fact that this Might twenty first. the truthful begins Ixtapaluca 2022, the place there will be artists at the nationwide and worldwide ranges.

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UN1ÓN Edomex offers you all the details about the ticket price for Ixtapaluca Truthful 2022.

Ticket price for Ixtapaluca Truthful 2022

Professional social media, the municipal chancellery wrote “donations of 40 pesos. Beginning this Saturday, Might 21, look for your basic entrance tickets for standing and bleach.

The web site the place you should purchase tickets is as follows:

  • on the municipal esplanade
  • Tecate courts

Location of the truthful sq.

Fairgrounds is the venue for live shows and is positioned on the Mexican-Cuautla Federal Freeway.

We go away you a neighborhood view:

Official poster for Ixtapaluca Truthful 2022

The next singers or bands will carry out at this truthful:

  • Might 21: Gerardo Ortiz
  • Might 22: Heavy Group
  • Might 23: Maelo Ruiz
  • Might 23: Guayaquan Orchestra
  • Might 23: La Típica Orchestra
  • Might 24: Angela Aguilar
  • Might 25: Little Musical
  • Might 27: Commander
  • Might 29: Chuy Lizarraga
  • Might 31: Molotov
  • June 1: Aaron and his group Phantasm
  • June 1: Yaguaru
  • June 2: Toño Lizárraga
  • June 2: Saulius Jaguar
  • June 2: Alfredo Olivas
  • June 4: Bronco
  • June 5: Habit
  • June 5: Julio Preciado

Official poster for Ixtapaluca Fair 2022 submitted by Juanas Antonio Miranda Corona on the Scribd web site

The official Ixtapaluca fair in 2022.  program
The official Ixtapaluca truthful in 2022. program

When will 2022 happen? Ixtapaluca Truthful?

This truthful will happen from Might 21 to June 5.

Official Ixtapaluca Municipal Backyard Truthful 2022 Program

The official programming the location of this new Ixtapaluca Truthful 2022 is as follows:

  • Might 25: Chuponcito
  • Might 26: Inexperienced desserts
  • Might 26: Peasants
  • Might 27: Sonora Matancera and the black cats
  • Might 28: Dandies
  • Might 29: Sonora Dynamite
  • June 3: Tribute to Los Panchos and Los Tres Ases
  • June 4: Sonora Maracaibo
  • June 5: Sonora Santanera and Sonora Siguaray

All displays will start at 8 p.m.

Who’re the shock artists at Ixtapaluca Truthful 2022?

We will then tell you when these shock artists will be launched.

  • Might 27: Elephant
  • Might 28: Gondwana
  • Might 29: The Nice Silence

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