Barbara Torres. They prevent access to the rise of Eugene Derby’s films

Barbara Torres. They prevent access to the rise of Eugene Derby’s films


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Barbara Torreswell-known comic recognized for his position as “nice‘ant Household P. Luchea clumsy second handed after the movie’s crimson carpet Valetas Eugenio Derbez, they received’t let her in for a couple of minutes. Was he not on the visitor record? Why did they make him fall?

It was from leisure reporter Berenice Ortiz’s YouTube channel, the place the harshness that the comic endured at the business for the newest manufacturing, that includes the well-known Carmelita Salinas, was demonstrated.

Throughout the occasion, it was doable to seize what number of celebrities and classmates had been mates Eugene Derby got here to assist him on this new undertaking. However one thing occurred when Bárbara Torres, higher often known as Excelsa, arrived as a result of the safety guards didn’t let her in.

You may even see the employees speaking to the actress in an try to resolve the rudeness; and it’s earlier than the well-known that they miss Louis Manuel Ávila and José Miguel Pérez Saint Martin, who give life to Junior P. Luche and Ludoviquito P. Luche.

With out disclosing the particulars of the roughness, Barbara Torres He shared the following message on his social networks:

“How I’ve enjoyable on the crimson carpet #ElValet.”

As anticipated, social networks have already gathered hypothesis on this matter. Some suppose it could have been as a result of of the “gown code”; Though there have been speculative feedback, did Derby struggle Barbara?

“It is bizarre as a result of it is clear that the two boys are going first they usually’re sort of going together with her, so why did not they let her go?” ; “If we appeared intently at the follower clown, as if he had been telling others that he was not on the record or the like and subsequently didn’t miss them”; “What clowns,” it’s written between the reactions of a clumsy second.





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