Debanhi Escobar case: Another autopsy performed will reveal if there are differences to the official one, reveals his father

Debanhi Escobar case: Another autopsy performed will reveal if there are differences to the official one, reveals his father

New Lion.– Though the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León reported that the autopsy performed at Debanhi Escobar revealed that the cause of death of the young woman was due to a strong contusion to the headhis father reported that the different necropsy he had accomplished will reveal whether or not or not there are differences.

Since the discovery of the physique of Debanhi Escobar, 18, in the cistern at the motel New Castile in New Lionthe investigations of his disappearance and the reason for his dying haven’t completed.

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By way of an interview for the media BBC InformationDebanhi’s father mario escobar, He assured that he still believes that his daughter was murdered and his death was not caused by an accident as reported by the authorities.

“Positively, till they show in any other case, I nonetheless assume that my daughter was murdered. I am not going to change my thoughts. Many movies proceed to come out, and that is going to give us pointers to maintain duties to individuals who deserve it, “Escobar mentioned by video name.

Though Mario Escobar already has in his palms the outcomes of the autopsy that he ordered to do the younger girl individually, he nonetheless can’t reveal the outcomes, nevertheless, he defined that in case of differences, the authority has to decide it.

“I can’t reveal the outcomes, the attorneys are analyzing them. Many causes of dying are going to be decided there and, if there are differences, the competent authority has to decide it, ”he assured.

Debanhi Escobar’s father confesses that he nonetheless shouts her title to really feel together with her

Escobar revealed that he’s nonetheless screaming his daughter’s title when he returns house after persevering with with the investigations into her dying.

“Right here yelling at her ‘Debanhi!’, which I proceed to do day by day at house, I can not cease doing it as a result of it is a method of being together with her,” the man detailed.

He expressed that he attracts the power to exit day by day and search the fact from his spouse and from ‘Sweet’, Debanhi’s canine.

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“From my spouse. From my doll, which belonged to my daughter. She is known as Bombona. Now he misses her. It is my flip to maintain her as a result of she misses her mom, Debanhi, rather a lot, ”she commented.

Debanhi Escobar had a pet named ‘Bombona’. (Photograph: BBC World).

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