Debanhi Escobar | Nuevo León: The mystery that surrounds the death of the young woman in Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | Narration | EC Stories | WORLD

Debanhi Escobar | Nuevo León: The mystery that surrounds the death of the young woman in Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | Narration | EC Stories | WORLD

Omissions, errors, dismissed prosecutors, video leaks from safety cameras, an incredible media protection and nonetheless unresolved questions are half of the components that encompass the nonetheless inexplicable death of whose physique was discovered on April 21 at a depth of greater than 4 meters in the cistern of a motel in Nuevo León (Mexico).

Your demise between the evening of Friday, April 8, and the morning of the following day saved the Escobar household in suspense for nearly two weekswhich has denounced irregularities throughout the investigation course of to make clear what occurred to Debanhi.

MIRA: “Debanhi Escobar ran into the motel”: they present videos of the last time the young woman was captured alive

Confronted with questions on the actions of the authorities, the father, Mario Escobar, mentioned that he’s finishing up on his personal account – and together with his personal assets – an professional opinion and an unbiased forensic evaluation to make clear what occurred to his 18-year-old daughter, and examine it with the official outcomes for inconsistencies.

Debanhi would have had an altercation with other subjects.  (Photo: Instagram: @debanhi.escobar / Millennium).
Debanhi would have had an altercation with different topics. (Picture: Instagram: @debanhi.escobar / Millennium).

What occurred to Debanhi?

It began on the evening of Friday, April 8. That day, Debanhi went out partying with two pals: Sarahí and Ivonne. In response to the testimony they gave to the Prosecutor’s Workplace, which was obtained by the Mexican newspaper The commonEach arrived at Debanhi’s home round 10:47 pm and from there they went to a retailer situated in San Nicolás de los Garza, an space that makes up the Monterrey metropolitan space.

MIRA: “My parents deserve the truth”: taxi driver reveals alleged audio of Debanhi Escobar before he disappeared

Then they went to the web site, the place they participated in video games the place they consumed alcohol, in response to the testimony. After a pair of hours, the three of them ordered a journey by means of an digital platform. That’s how they arrived at an institution known as Quinta El Diamante at 1:30 am on April 9, the place they continued the social gathering. The three pals saved the quantity of the driver in case they wanted to maneuver later.

MIRA: Why was Debanhi Escobar running when entering the motel? Prosecutor’s Office indicates that no one was chasing her

After an hour, a digicam in the neighborhood of Fifth The Diamond recorded the second Debanhi ran from the scene, apparently after an altercation. It was 2:45 am Behind her was a young man who tried to cease her, however she evaded him by throwing a punch. Then, one other group of folks approached her they usually determined to ship her residence as a result of “they could not management her” attributable to her intoxicated state, in response to one of her pals.

Since the discovery of her body, many women have come out to protest demanding justice.  (Photo: Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP).
Since the discovery of her physique, many ladies have come out to protest demanding justice. (Picture: Julio Cesar AGUILAR / AFP).

What occurred in the automotive?

After some time, Sarahí and Ivonne known as Juan David Cuellar once morethe driver who left them at the social gathering and who returned to the place round 3:45 am At that time, each ask Cuellar to take Debanhi residence.

The young woman received into the car, from which she later received out minutes later for causes that are nonetheless unclear, in response to a number of testimonies. In response to Cuellar, the young woman wished to return to the social gathering. Nevertheless, at the time he denied some accusations who pointed him out for having groped her inside the carwhich might have triggered her to depart by her personal means, in response to Mario Escobar.

MIRA: Debanhi Escobar: reveal images of the young woman inside the taxi that took her | VIDEO

After getting off after 4 am, the driver took the final picture of Debanhi alive, supposedly to contact her pals and allow them to know that the young woman had left. The image exhibits the young woman on the verge of the Laredo-Monterrey freeway (in the Escobedo municipality), with crossed arms, lengthy hair, a bag, a white prime, an extended skirt and Converse sneakers.

Debanhi was working away?

What occurs subsequent is much more complicated. In response to photographs from a safety digicam, at 4:29 am that Saturday, the young woman wandered alone alongside a freeway and initially approached a transport firm known as Alcosa. She adopted her lead for a couple of minutes and headed in the direction of the Motel Nuevo Castilla. Safety cameras present her. working in the direction of that place.

MIRA: Debanhi Escobar: these were the last moments of the young woman’s life according to videos shown by the Prosecutor’s Office

Debanhi hurried round a restaurant that is an element of the motel. Though the cameras don’t seize anybody else, it’s nonetheless not clear if she was fleeing. Later, she is seen trying by means of one of the home windows of the restaurant, which isn’t in…

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