Debanhi Escobar: What does the body language of the victim’s friends say? | Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office | Mexico | EC Stories | | WORLD

Debanhi Escobar: What does the body language of the victim’s friends say? | Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office | Mexico | EC Stories | | WORLD

The analyst Maryfer Centeno described the habits of the friends of who throughout a tv interview gave their model of the info about the final time they noticed the younger girl alive.

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“They don’t seem to be friends, as a result of they’d simply met,” the analyst begins. She factors out that she met one of the younger girls 4 months in the past and the different she had simply met on the day of the occasions (April 9).

“This posture that we see is a mirror posture, we see how the toes point out that they already wish to go away. When an individual already needs to go away, he’ll put his toes in the direction of the exit. Why do they undertake mirror postures? As a result of they’re the identical and since they’re allies, it does not imply that they’re shut friends, merely at this second they’re nice allies.

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Why do Debanhi’s friends cowl their faces?

“I completely perceive the well being scenario that we’re experiencing, nonetheless, the interviewer does not deliver it. They do it to keep away from being acknowledged and even put on glasses, which I’ve been informed in feedback that they often don’t put on glasses.

He identified that one of the younger girls hesitates greater than the different and that each didn’t transfer throughout the interview.

“They do not transfer, they’re utterly stiff, which signifies, along with rigidity, properly, usually when an individual lies the body stiffens from the neck down, right here we see how the body is completely inflexible. The protecting posture is as a result of they really feel threatened.”

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Friends “keep away from” mentioning Debanhi’s identify

He famous that they keep away from mentioning Debanhi’s identify all the time. Concerning nervousness, he mentioned that it isn’t dangerous. “It’s a regular response of the body to a menace.”

On whether or not there’s a supposed “coaching”, the analyst mentioned that in the event that they actually had an advisor, “I might have informed them to cry

and that they arrive out screaming to generate empathy when what they actually obtain is the reverse impact. What they obtain is to turn into

distant and even the nice villains of historical past, so it positively appears to me that they aren’t suggested.

He additionally talked about that in his story there are inconsistencies and hesitations, whereas body language, “there may be a lot rigidity.”

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