Is there a bridge this May 1, 2022? Here we tell you the rest days

Is there a bridge this May 1, 2022? Here we tell you the rest days

Will there be a bridge this first of May? It is the question that thousands of netizens have questioned after returning from the Easter holidaysso here we tell you if there will be a bridge or not.

According to the Federal Labor Law (LFT), May 1 is one of the holidays officers.

Article 74 of the LFT provides that May 1 is mandatory rest day; but, unlike what happens with other dates such as February 5 and March 21, this day is not moved to the first Monday of the month.

Will there be a mega bridge?

As this first of May falls on a Sunday, there will be no mega long weekend. However, basic level students (preschool, primary and secondary) will not have classes this Friday, April 29.

According to the school calendar Secretary of Basic Education (SEP), the first weekend will be on Friday, April 29, meeting of School Technical Council (CTE) and that day there will be no classes.

Therefore, students will join their rest day with April 30, Children’s Day and May 1, which is Labor Day.

The second long weekend for basic education students will be until next Friday, May 27, also by meeting of the School Technical Council.


What are the mandatory rest days?

The mandatory rest days according to the Federal Labor Law are the following:

January 1
February 5th
March 21st
May 1
16 of September
November 20
December 25th

What is celebrated?

The Labor Day It has been commemorated internationally since 1889, as a tribute to these anarchist union workers from Chicago, on this date the struggle of the workers for their labor rights is claimed.

Over time, the commemoration of this date became a traditional celebration, which shows that the struggle to improve the working conditions of workers continues.

According to the portal of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), in Mexico Labor Day is commemorated, after the labor movement It was incorporated into the Social Rights in the Mexican Constitution in 1917, which would give way to Article 123, where the labor rights of the worker are established.

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