Journalist from Sonora accuses that mornings are ‘circus, maroma and theater’ – El Financiero

Journalist from Sonora accuses that mornings are ‘circus, maroma and theater’ – El Financiero

The journalist Rosa Lilia Torres, from Cajeme, Sonora, denounced that no reporter from the state managed to ask the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador throughout his morning convention this Saturday as a result of they all the time “ask the identical ones.”

The morning of at the present time Might 21the Mexican president gave his “morning” from Cajame, the place he addressed insecurity and the problem of lacking individuals within the state.

Nevertheless, in a video that went viral on social networks, the Chief Government is noticed “reducing” the questions and solutions of the journalists from Sonora after arguing that “it is 25 to 12”.

“President, the individuals of Cajame additionally have to ask,” a voice is heard on the recording.

Because of this, Rosa Lilia Torres He accused that the “similar” communicators who come from Mexico Metropolis all the time ask and assured that there are “sown questions.”

“Not even a journalist from Cajeme had the chance to have the ability to ask the President… they all the time ask the identical ones, with questions planted, the circus that is made and the waste of time they do to the union makes me unhappy,” he stated.

He even acknowledged that President López Obrador’s morning conferences are “very armed” and it’s pure “circus, maroma and theater.”

“That is already closely armed, it’s already recognized who’s going to ask, what’s it that they are going to ask the President, they all the time select the identical ones,” he stated.

He additionally regretted that the journalistic guild “wasted his time” when attending the president’s occasion as a result of, he maintained, it prices “lots” of labor to show that you are from the press and enter within the morning.

“What a solution to waste the time of the Cajeme journalists, what an absence of respect.”

Go to hell!: AMLO responds to conservatives

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, president of Mexico, defended his technique that 500 Cuban medical doctors come to work in Mexico. He stated that an argument has begun within the conservative sector and expressed ‘Allow them to go to hell!’.

“Now there’s a controversy as a result of we are going to rent (…) we all know that they won’t attain us as a result of these irresponsible corrupt individuals left us with out medical doctors, we shouldn’t have the medical doctors in Mexico that our individuals want. This has the conservatives very indignant, as a result of they know, Fuck them! as a result of the very first thing is the well being of the individuals”, stated the leader.

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