The 50-peso bill could get you out of trouble, it is offered up to 350 thousand pesos

The 50-peso bill could get you out of bother, it is offered up to 350 thousand pesos

Though this banknote was changed by that of the Mexican axolotl, in its model with the picture of Moreloswhose worth is nonetheless legitimate, have drawn the eye of numismatists.

A duplicate of this ticket, printed in 2015, has been put up on the market by means of the Mercado Libre web shopping for and promoting platforms for up to 350,000 pesos.

The vendor person describes the bill as “Fifty Pesos Particular Assortment Bill One SQ”

In the meantime, in 2021, the G household was added, a brand new design within the banknotes, nevertheless, these of the F1 household of the Financial institution of Mexico (Banxico) started to flow into since Could 2006 and are nonetheless legitimate for carrying out transactions. .

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In accordance to the Financial institution of Mexico, this concern has the next traits:

Dimensions of 127×66 millimeters

Materials: Polymer (not paper)

On its obverse they’ve the picture of Morelos. To the left of the portrait, you can see a vignette fashioned by the banner of Morelos, two crossed cannons and the bow, the arrow and the phrase SUD, parts, the latter, used within the cash minted by the rebel chief. These cannons are blue.

The portrait of Morelosthe legends, the numerals of the denomination and the vignette are printed in reduction

· The aqueduct of Morelia, Michoacán, the principle iconographic ingredient, is printed on its reverse.

Within the decrease left half of the aqueduct, the stylized glyph of Michoacán will be seen

· Monarch butterflies are noticed, some printed and others within the clear window

· The predominant colour of the banknote is magenta

Though the prices for this kind of bill range on the platforms for getting and promoting totally different objects on the web, which depends upon variables such because the bodily state of the bill, market demand, rarities or printing errors, amongst others, recommends going to consultants who can advise you on the acquisition of these specimens.


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