The rich “have done well” in my government, says López Obrador

The rich “have done nicely” in my authorities, says López Obrador

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that thus far in his six-year time period, no rico has misplaced cashas a result of his authorities additionally helps “these above.”

When presenting the Comprehensive Development Plan for the Seri People in Pitiquito, Sonorareiterated that work is being done to favor the poorest with out neglecting those that have probably the most.

There’s not a rich man in Mexico who, in the time now we have been governing, has misplaced cash. And I seek advice from the assessments. Quite the opposite, he has done nicely for them, ”he sentenced.

President López Obrador identified that exactly as a result of “they’ve done nicely” he seeks to persuade the wealthiest that “all of us have the precise to reside with Justice y dignity” and with it put into apply his saying “first the poor“.

The Mexican president harassed that a number of commitments have been fulfilled with the Seri folks to enhance their high quality of life, though the problem of aguain addition to enhancing the entry roads to the area and medical providers.

He additionally promised to return in three months.

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