What is the origin of the word “net”

What is the origin of the word “web”

The word net is said to come from the French language.  Stock photography.  EFE/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA
The word web is stated to return from the French language. Inventory images. EFE/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA

This word is one of the most utilized in Mexico and is used to affirm that what is being stated it is true. Expressions comparable to “is the web” or “the web” and even in the type of a query comparable to web? To seek advice from the query is severely? They’re normally extremely popular in Mexican speech.

The origin is unsure, many consider that “web” comes from French languageparticularly from the word “web” and means pure, with out stain, which might describe the fact, in the identical approach it means web and that is why many affiliate it with a web worthwhich refers to extracting it or separating it from different pointless values.

The “web” additionally refers to saying what it is with out the want for add values that aren’t vital, for this the phrase “inform me the web” is used, that is, to precise one thing bluntly. In flip, the that means of “web” in French is a latin abbreviationnitidus” which suggests sharp. On this approach it was tailored to Mexico to seek advice from saying one thing that is the clear fact.

In the Spanish language several words are used that come from French and Italian.  Paris.  EFE/EPA/IAN LANGSDON
In the Spanish language a number of phrases are used that come from French and Italian. Paris. EFE/EPA/IAN LANGSDON

Internet or web is additionally utilized in bodily and financial language, for instance the web pressure refers to the whole quantity of pressure performing on an object, in the case of web worth it refers to the last quantity after being

It is additionally thought that it could come from the word en Italian “web” which suggests the identical as in clear or clear French and in the identical approach the web price. The word “web” is a transparent instance of when cultures affect others, even from the French language they arrive completely different phrases that we nonetheless use as we speak.

One instance is the word ham which comes from the French “jambe” which suggests leg, however refers to the half of the animals from which the well-known sausage is made. One other instance is the word driver which refers to the individual in cost to drive a car, in France “chauffeur” is used.

The expression "sepa" comes from the French intervention in Mexico.  Paris.  EFE/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/Archive
The expression “sepa” comes from the French intervention in Mexico. Paris. EFE/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/Archive

One other expression that has been appropriated from the French language is “sepa” to seek advice from “I do not know” or “who is aware of” and comes from the Second Mexican Empire. The French referred to Mexicans as “je ne sais pas” that is, “I do not know”; however the mexicans they solely understood knowand from there this curious expression remained that is nonetheless used as we speak.

Workshop in the fourteenth century in France was stated “astelier” and referred to the commerce of carpenters, later handed into Spanish as a workshop referring to the website the place numerous manufactures are made.

Several languages ​​develop from Latin, such as French and Italian and, in turn, Spanish.  PHOTO: VICTORIA VALTIERRA/CUARTOSCURO.COM
A number of languages ​​develop from Latin, comparable to French and Italian and, in flip, Spanish. PHOTO: VICTORIA VALTIERRA/CUARTOSCURO.COM

As for Italian, there are lots of extra phrases which might be nonetheless used as we speak in Mexico, one of the examples it is visitors coming from “traffico” which likewise refers to a big visitors of automobiles. One other instance is the word failr which comes from “fracassare” and in Italian means to interrupt, crush, or break one thing into items.

Many phrases which might be presently identified and which might be half of the language that is used each day additionally come from Latin. Indisputably, it is vital to know the place the phrases that we use as we speak come from. mexican slang as is the case of “la web” since the phrases additionally give us id as Mexicans.


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