With bat in hand they rob a store and flee in a recent model Rav4

With bat in hand they rob a store and flee in a recent model Rav4

Juarez Metropolis- Brokers from the Municipal Public Safety Secretariat arrested two males who used a baseball bat to rob a comfort store, it was reported by way of a press launch.

Municipal parts that carried out patrol work in the Riveras del Bravo neighborhood stage VIII, responded to a name acquired to the emergency quantity 911, in which they reported the activation of a panic button in a comfort store the place a theft with violence was being dedicated. , grew to become recognized.

Upon arrival on the place of the report, the officers met with staff, who reported that two males entered the institution threatening them with a baseball bat to grab numerous merchandise, which is why they activated the alarm, indicating that the alleged perpetrators undertook the flight aboard a Toyota Rav4 model car, grey, of recent model, it was indicated.

With the info obtained, the law enforcement officials applied search actions, finding a automobile that met the traits offered for the one which was stopped on the intersection of the Juárez-Porvenir freeway and Puente Yáñez road. In the course of the overview, the officers discovered contained in the car a baseball bat, in addition to numerous articles of clothes, continuing to his arrest, the assertion mentions.

Earlier studying of rights, Leonardo Isaías MA, 22 years previous, and David EA, 19 years previous, have been consigned earlier than the investigative authority for his or her alleged duty in the fee of the crime of theft to commerce with violence, it was indicated.

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