John Oliver Is Weirdly Angry Over A 1997 Film Everyone Else Has Forgotten

Not many individuals spend a lot time analyzing the 1997 movie “Air Bud.”

But that’s what was on John Oliver’s thoughts this week.

“Don’t fear. I’m not going to spoil 1997′s ‘Air Bud,’ for you,” he promised early within the phase. “If I wished to try this I’d say both that the canine who performed him is unquestionably useless by now, or that it should’ve been good to make content material earlier than 9/11.”

His HBO present, “Last Week Tonight,” is on break, however Oliver launched a web-only clip on YouTube spelling out the issues he has with the film.

“I do know what you’re pondering. You’re pondering: ‘He should receives a commission further to do these internet exclusives,’” Oliver stated. “I don’t… I’m not speaking about ‘Air Bud’ as a result of I’ve to. I’m doing it as a result of I wish to.”

“Air Bud” spawned a franchise with greater than a dozen movies, together with direct sequels such “Air Bud: World Pup” in addition to spinoffs similar to “Santa Buddies,” “Spooky Buddies” and “Treasure Buddies.”

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