Elden Ring YouTuber Crushes Malenia And ‘Git Gud’ Reddit Losers

A screenshot from borkyborkd's (aka mrBorkD's) YouTube video showing the infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella falling to her knees after getting smacked by a level one Wretch.

Despite Elden Ring’s infamous issue, people are all the time on the lookout for new challenges within the Lands Between. Malenia, a notoriously troublesome late-game boss, has develop into a selected fixation for the group at massive, particularly after a nearly naked player grew to become a celeb by killing her skillfully. But now, followers are upping up the ante even additional by including distinctive restrictions to the struggle towards the illustrious redhead demigod. And whereas it’s been spectacular to behold, the newest spectacular Malenia problem has additionally compelled the participant on the heart of all of it communicate out towards what he known as an “elitist perspective.”

Next to the star-jerk Radahn, Malenia might be the second most notorious Elden Ring boss for good causes. She has this lengthy katana that provides her tons of attain. She’s quick and unpredictable, making her a nuisance to struggle. She additionally does hella harm and may one-tap you should you’re not cautious. Oh, and within the recreation’s newest patch, FromSoftware accidentally broke her so that now she self-heals whenever she desires.

Even although Malenia’s exhausting, Reddit consumer Brian, who goes by borkyborkd on the forum site or mrBorkD on YouTube, wished to make issues tougher. So to up the problem for himself, he restricted his struggle with the demigod to a degree one Tarnished that may solely use one single mild assault. No combos. No spells. No blocking or dodging or leaping or rolling or something—besides operating. That was allowed, however some other motion—together with therapeutic—was off limits. It was a close to replication of the struggle that might ensue should you adopted the principles of a recent meme that means you possibly can’t do something whereas combating Malenia, even respiratory, if you wish to think about the win ‘respectable.’

You’d assume borkyborkd could be in for a thrashing with that kinda limitation. In really, he walked out on high and, most shockingly, didn’t get hit as soon as.

Armed with the big Commander’s Standard halberd, a dexterity and power scaling weapon dropped by Commander O’Neil, and what seems to be the lightweight Aristocrat Hat helm and actually nothing else, borkyborkd’s level 1 Wretch poked Malenia to demise prefer it 2000s Facebook. As she carried out the lethal Waterfowl Dance weapon ability, he’d get a fast poke in. Even as she tried dodging him, he nonetheless managed to poke some well being off. And borkyborkd did this for each of Malenia’s phases. Really, he made her appear like a chump.

Because borkyborkd’s Malenia struggle was so spectacular, it rapidly proliferated throughout r/EldenRing, the subreddit devoted to FromSoft’s new hotness. A popular but now-locked post shared with the video mocked gamers who mentioned issues like “Malenia and different end-game bosses have little to no openings.” Essentially, the put up and video have been used as a cudgel to bludgeon the concept that beating Elden Ring’s boss fights are unfair and require some luck. Malenia’s struggle specifically is taken into account by some to not have many “openings,” which means small home windows the place she isn’t attacking, and on high of that, she’s fairly aggressive. Malenia has a number of strikes that assault a number of instances for tons of harm.

That implies that for a lot of gamers, it appears like they don’t have an opportunity towards her. Therefore for the poster and a number of other commenters, borkyborkd’s struggle—which made brief work of Malenia with none thrives in any respect—was the epitome of “git gud,” the sentiment that you just want ability to progress by Souls video games. After all, if borkyborkd can effortlessly demolish Malenia with one sort of assault, then both you possibly can too or you have to suck. At least, that’s the considering implied right here.

It’s true that borkyborkd is educated. Beating Malenia is an accomplishment in and of itself, however doing so underneath such restrictions is simply mind-blowing. I’m jealous. But whereas he agreed with the overall impression that he was expert sufficient to beat Malenia underneath these self-imposed circumstances, he wasn’t concerning the “elitist perspective” expressed within the various posts populating Reddit.

A screenshot of borkyborkd's Reddit post decrying the "elitist attitude" a video of his defeating Malenia was used to perpetuate.

The phrasing “git gud” is a meme throughout varied gaming communities however is referenced with specific frequency amongst followers of Souls video games. There’s some advantage behind the sentiment. Getting good—that’s, studying the mechanics and learning a boss’ patterns—is significant to development and completion. While some Souls followers contend the phrase began as real encouragement to these scuffling with a difficult franchise, the extra common utility of the phrase is used as a way to harass people who’re scuffling with any recreation in any specific method. This “elitist perspective” is strictly what borkyborkd didn’t need his video to elicit.

“For an informal or common participant, discovering it exhausting to search out/create the openings to assault Malenia is a wonderfully comprehensible perspective as most individuals don’t dig deep into the boss AI and patterns, solely attainable by spending numerous hours dissecting it by trial and error,” borkyborkd wrote in response to the “git gud” discourse. “It could also be cocky to say, however from my perspective with as a lot expertise on the boss as I’ve, understanding the entire bullshit she has to supply, neither them nor the folks going ‘git gud’ in response or ‘you’re simply unhealthy’ know what they’re really speaking about.”

In direct messages with Kotaku, borkyborkd expounded on his opinion, saying harassing somebody over the way in which the play isn’t any approach to take pleasure in video games.

“I typically see folks placing struggling gamers down, or calling the issues they’re scuffling with straightforward,” borkyborkd mentioned. “Everyone’s expertise is totally different, and even when any individual says one thing mistaken or doesn’t perceive a boss, that’s no motive to harass them. I’m not saying all criticism of the sport or its bosses are legitimate, nor that they’re all invalid (I’ve loads of complaints, myself). Since my kill was used to justify a foul mentality, I really feel the necessity to say it once more. Just as a result of it’s attainable to beat these bosses with excessive restrictions, doesn’t robotically imply they’re completely designed and that every one complaints are invalid. Conversely, simply since you’re scuffling with one thing, doesn’t imply it’s unhealthy or that you just can not overcome it.”

A screenshot from borkyborkd's (aka mrBorkD's) YouTube video showing him posing as the infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella blossoms during the second phase of her fight.

Borkyborkd mentioned an enormous motive why he was in a position to beat Malenia so simply was that he’s had “properly over 100+ hours of expertise” combating her earlier than making an attempt this after which “one other two days of determining a very good technique.” He additionally had a number of power talismans aiding him, together with the Blue Dancer Charm, the Red-Feathered Branchsword, and the Starscourge Heirloom. Despite this added help, the largest profit was the weapon of alternative.

“While experimenting, I attempted many weapons however none of them have been viable,” borkyborkd mentioned. “Right after hitting Malenia, she is going to typically do a quick melee assault that has fairly a little bit of attain. Because of this, most weapons can’t escape it after attacking with out leaping or rolling. That mentioned, should you hit her from behind you possibly can keep away from it from nearer, however which means giving up many possibilities to interrupt her and staying too shut for Waterfowl Dance. Halberds hit an incredible candy spot of vary, velocity, and stagger period on Malenia.”

In the top, borkyborkd simply desires people to play video games nonetheless they play them. Whether you equip the heaviest gear attainable, cheese bosses for the win, or run across the Lands Between with only a jar in your head, borkyborkd’s hope is that everybody finds the best problem for themselves.

“Blaming the sport doesn’t get you anyplace, however neither does trashtalking others who do. Encourage as an alternative of harass,” borkyborkd concluded.

Kotaku has reached out to the legendary hero Klein “Let Me Solo Her” Tsuboi for remark concerning the latest Malenia discourse.


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